Discover a stunning Bao Loc in Lam Dong province

Lam Dong province, which has always been well-known for its picturesque Dalat flower city, also has another beautiful city with exquisite and captivating landscape - Bao Loc. Hence, once you've set foot to the land of thousands of flower, you can take visiting Bao Loc into considerations and you will never be let down! Let explore 6 of the most alluring attractions here with Whatsup Vietnam.

1. Tam Chau Tea Hill


Bao Loc includes the largest tea growing area in Lam Dong in particular and in the Central Highlands and South Vietnam in general. Coming to Bao Loc, you should not forget to visit Tam Chau tea hill to feel the true peace and fresh atmosphere here.

Tam Chau Tea tree hill cannot boast the long history that Cau Dat Tea tree Hill in Da Lat can. However, the brethless beauty of its sites and the taste off its tea lure a variety of travelers. Imagine an early morning when the sky is still hidden under a dense misty layer, and then the sun starts to reveal itself with its first sunlights gently kissing the morning dew in the tea leaves, you walk along the road, embracing the lake and drinking a clear, fragrant cup of tea. How does it feel? Tam Chau Tea tree hill promises to offer you that moment. Moments like when your bus runs through the hill roads, and you open the windows and suddenly get hit by the air full of the elegant and refined fragrance.

2. Linh Quy Phap An pagoda

This place is dubbed the "sky gate", to say that it is "virtual" substance.

Unlike the quiet Bat Nha Monastery, Linh Quy Phap An Pagoda is part of a bustling scene. The pagoda has big gates, leading the Gates to Heaven. Quan Chieu Duong (Quan Chieu Hall) is popular because of its spectacular and unique architecture. Its interior boasts big wooden poles and golden lanterns, hallmarks of ancient aesthetics, which has inspired legions of photographs. Quan Chieu Hall is often crowded, so tourists are recommended to travel here on weekdays to enjoy a more peaceful and less busier atmosphere. The pagoda also proves itself to be a prime place to watch the sunrise and sunset, as well as a fanfastic cloud-hunting spot.

3. Dambri waterfall


Refering to Lam Dong, people will immediately think of Dambri waterfall, which is considered to be the highest and most spectacular waterfall here. You can enjoy the exceptional beauty of the water streams pouring down intensely from the top with white foam like cloud, creating a mist layer in the middle of the mystical and magnificent forest.

Dambri Waterfall is a famous scenic spot in Lam Dong province. About 18km from the center of Bao Loc city, Dambri waterfall has been favourably chosen by a wide range of tourists as the first destination of the journey to explore Lam Vien plateau. In the cool atmosphere of the plateau, amidst the fanciful mist of the primeval forests, people often leisurely step through each step cleverly based on the gentle slope that comes down to explore the waterfall. It is known that the path to the waterfall was formed 15 years ago.

4. Bat Nha Monastery

Bat Nha Monastery is about 20km from Bao Loc center. hanoi travels It is a quiet and serene place with hidden huts in the green pine forest - where you can feel your soul calm down, enjoy the highland climate that is often cold at night and early in the morning. Here, you can also feel that you are being in a land whose fog is full of charm and magnetism.

Bat Nha Monastery is one of Bao Loc must-visit destinations. Its name, (“Bat Nha” means Heart of Perfect Wisdom), hints at its sense of ethereality. The quiet splendor offers appealing sights for visitors to contemplate, a Buddha statue to make offerings to, and even guest rooms to spend the night. The monastery is tucked away in a gorgeous pine forest, and its water comes from the forests’ clean streams. Follow the streams and you will find a waterfall lying behind ancient trees. Be sure to keep quiet here because the Buddhist monks often come to the waterfall to do meditation.

5. Di Da Pagoda

This is undoubtedly the exceptional highlight of Bao Loc which you cannot miss! With impressively breathtaking mountains and wild waterfalls, you can immerse yourself in the exciting living space, characterized by the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands.

Di Da Pagoda is located in Dang Dung village, Da Ton commune, Bao Lam district, Lam Dong province. The pagoda was built in 2005 with an area of about 13 hectares, acting as a venue of studying and practicing for Buddhist, Kinh, Chau Ma, Tay, K'Ho Buddhist monks.

With a unique architectural complex, a harmonious combination of Buddhist, Chau Ma and Tay Nguyen architecture styles, you will feel Temporarily stay away from the chaos and worries of life and follow us to discover the especial features of this largest temple in Bao Loc! Asking the abbot to stay overnight at the temple so that you will have more time to enjoy the serene atmosphere here. Di Da Pagoda has a unique architectural complex, harmonious combination of Buddhist, Chau Ma and Vietnamese architectural styles. Within the temple grounds are the wooden stilt houses of the ethnic people whose roofs are carved with tradiditional patterns and the enterior house having Buddha statues.

6. Tam Hop Waterfall

Tam Hop Waterfall is located at the back of the Di Da Temple, which is 35 km from the center of Bao Loc city. Coming here and you will think as if you were in a splendid place with breathtaking waterfalls which stands in the middle of the forest full of greenery and flowers. Tam Hop waterfall is located behind Di Da pagoda campus, also known as Dang Do pagoda, belonging to Dang Do village, Da Ton commune (Bao Loc, Lam Dong).

Flowing stream swirling, water jets hit the skin cool skin. The sound of leaves rustling in the wind, whispering whistles, early frosts of white plates forming a mysterious white landscape. In rainy season, the waterfall in the morning and early morning will have mist not melting feeling the magic of nature.

Bao Loc is not a tourist city like Da Lat, but that fact brings with it a sense of real peace and green space. Slow down, sip some tea, and enjoy your stay!